Before the Daylight’s Shot

2006 (204/Koch)

2008 Grammy Award
Best Rock Gospel Album.

Named one of Christianity Today’s Best Albums of 2006.

“When Ashley Cleveland sings, we believe every word she says, and that certainly helps an artist who’s forthright with her beliefs without being trite about it. When she sings about fearless faith (“Ready or Not”), times of testing (“The Blessing”), and what it means to be a Christian woman (“Queen of Soul”), she does so not with overused clichés, but a confident songwriting voice all her own. An inspiring blend of adult contemporary blues-rock that has teeth without cutting too sharply, it’s an album that rivals her earlier acclaimed work in the early ’90s.”

Track Listing

1. Queen of Soul
2. Higher Ground
3. Streams of Mercy
4. The Blessing
5. Ready or Not
6. Satisfied with Drowning
7. Twilight Hour
8. I Need Jesus
9. Deeper Walk
10. Roll Away the Stone