Frequently Asked Questions and general information pertaining to Ashley Cleveland, her home page, The A-list, etc.

I. Ashley Cleveland
II. Ashley Cleveland Home Page
III. The A-list
IV. Miscellaneous

I. Ashley Cleveland
Full Name: Maiden name: Ashley Alexander Cleveland.
Married name: Ashley Cleveland Greenberg.

Birthday: Ground Hog Day — February 2, 1957.

Born Where: Fort Sanders Hospital (Knoxville, Tennessee).

Nickname: Ash

Siblings: Sisters: Windsor Cleveland Yellen, Jennie Sheeks.
Brother: Paul Sheeks.

Husband: Kenny Greenberg (married April 27, 1991).

Three children: Rebecca Neel Cleveland, 9/14/82; Henry Walter Greenberg, 4/3/92; Lily Elizabeth Greenberg, 1/5/95.


  • Grammy Nomination, 2010, Best Traditional Gospel Album, God Don’t Never Change
  • Grammy, 2008, Best Rock Gospel Album, Before the Daylight’s Shot.
  • Grammy, 1999, Best Rock Gospel Album, You Are There.
  • Dove Award, 1999, The Jesus Record (Rich Mullins and A Ragamuffin Band), Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. Ashley sang lead on “Jesus.”
  • Grammy, 1996, Best Rock Gospel Album, Lesson of Love.
  • Nashville Music Award (Nammy), 1996, Best Contemporary Christian Album, Lesson of Love.
  • Dove Award, 1994, Praise & Worship Album, Songs From the Loft. Ashley sang a duet with Gary Chapman, “Where Do I Go.”

Note: Ashley Cleveland is the first woman ever to be nominated and the first ever to win in the Best Rock Gospel Album Grammy category. She is the only artist ever to receive three nominations in the Best Rock Gospel Album category and win each time.

Discography: Men and Angels Say, 2005. Second Skin, 2002. You Are There, 1998. Lesson of Love, 1995 (out of print). Bus Named Desire, 1993 (out of print). Big Town, 1991 (out of print).

Email: Please use the contact form in the Connect section.

II. Ashley Cleveland Home Page
How long has the page been online? It began as an unofficial site on May 10, 1996.

Is this Ashley’s official site? Yes.

Has Ashley seen the page? Yes.

Does Ashley help with her page? Yes, very much. She answers any questions that come up and sends along additional information, including concert dates, etc. She also provides the guitar tabs to her songs, one of the most popular features of her web site.

May I download text and photos from the home page? Sure, as long as they’re for your personal use and not included on another web site (please ask permission if you’d like something for your site).

III. The A-list
The A-list is an informal email information/discussion list that was founded in January of 1996 when Ashley was nominated for a Grammy Award, which she subsequently won. The list is dedicated to Ashley Cleveland and her music.

We try to keep A-listers informed of Ashley’s t.v. and concert appearances, upcoming album releases, and general info related to her. We occasionally have contests with giveaways. Subscribers contribute concert reviews, thoughts on Ashley’s music, album appearances that she’s made, etc.

We are an HTML only list.

Email addresses remain private and are not sold or traded with other mailing lists or vendors.

Fans of Ashley and her husband, Kenny Greenberg, are invited to subscribe to The A-list. Visit the web site to add your email address to our list.

Is there a snail mail version of the newsletter? Sorry, no.

May I print out the newsletter? Yes.

May I subscribe to the A.C. Quarterly Online without subscribing to The A-list? Sorry, no. I’m too busy/lazy to juggle two separate lists.

V. Miscellaneous (Big Town, booking Ashley for a concert, tabs, etc.)
How can I get a copy of Big Town, Lesson of Love, or Bus Named Desire, which are out of print? Please try eBay.

How do I book Ashley for a concert? Visit this page for details.

Will you ask Ashley to sing at our event? Sorry, no. Please visit this page for booking information.

Will Ashley be performing in my town? All of the concert dates and information pertaining to them that I have are in the Tour section. It’s updated whenever Ashley passes along a new schedule to me.

How can I get tabs for Ashley’s songs? All of the tabs that I know about are included in the Ashley Cleveland Guitar Tabs Library on the home page, in the Music section. They have been provided by Ashley exclusively for her website.

Is it OK to print out the tabs? Yes, for your personal use.

May I include Ashley’s tabs on my website? Sorry, no. The tabs are not to be reproduced or archived anywhere else on the Net without permission.