Becoming Episcopalian

Last Sunday I was confirmed in the Episcopalian Church. This feels like a major statement considering that I’m a lifelong Presbyterian but I’ve never been particularly exclusive denominationally, finding truth and beauty in nearly every expression of the faith that I’ve been exposed to. When I was in college and succumbing to alcoholism and drug addiction, I would emerge from a long dissolute run, sweating a liquor cabinet of fumes, overcome with despair and self-contempt and return to the Presbyterian church of my childhood, confessing as I went. In those days I didn’t know what the cure was, I just …

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A Little News, A Lot Of Gratitude

Ashley in York, PA in 1995.

Ashley with her son Henry in York, PA on the Brother's Keeper Tour in 1995.

I am thinking this morning on how a chance encounter in York, PA led to one of the most consistent, foundational tools of my career. Rose showed up at a show I played with Rich Mullins in an old theatre and asked me if I had ever thought about having a web site. This was 1995 and my knowledge of computers consisted of my exposure to Hal on 2001, A Space Odyssey. As you may recall, Hal was a …

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