You Don't Have To Take This From Me

Words and music by Pam Tillis and Ashley Cleveland.
Tabs courtesy of Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
These tabs are not to be reproduced or
archived anywhere else on the Net
without permission. Thanks.

From the 204 Records album, You Are There.
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Tuning: Standard. Key of G. I tune each string down 1/2 step and play it in F#.


Intro: F(add9) walk down to G[1]
Verse:           Fadd9              C           G[1]
       I get the feeling that I've lost your attention. 

                   C             Em        G[1]
       I get the message when I meet your eye.
               Fadd9    C           G[1]
       Darlin' I'm not built for indifference.
                  D         G[2]        D7  G[2]    Fadd9  
       Don't you press your luck with a lie.    You tell me that you're
       C           G[1]                 C              Em    G[1]
       takin' your time and you've been takin' in some therapy.
                    Fadd9  C    G[1]         Fadd9             C
       While you're on the take bear in mind you don't have to take this
       from me.
CHORUS      Fadd9             C              G[1]
       Baby you don't have to take this from me.
                Fadd9       C      G[1]             Fadd9           C
       Faithful love like a river, long and deep is not what you're looking
                  G[1]                      Fadd9             C
       for, don't struggle with it anymore, You don't have to take this,
       Fadd9             C          Fadd9             C              G[1]
       You don't have to take this, You don't have to take this from me.
Bridge:           Fadd9          C           Fadd9      C
        You don't have to take a love that's strong and stable
        You don't have to take a woman with her cards on the table.
                  Fadd       C               Fadd9      C 
        You don't have to be real, you don't have to be true and there
        won't be anyone for you to answer to.