Tentative Man

Words and music by Ashley Cleveland.
Tabs courtesy of Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
These tabs are not to be reproduced or
archived anywhere else on the Net
without permission. Thanks.

From the Atlantic Records album, Big Town.

Key of G.

Travis pick. (Click here for a video guitar lesson on how to play a Travis pick.)


Intro: Cmaj7 - C#dim - G/B - Bbmaj7 - Am7 - G(1)           

       G(2)                                               D/F#
       My baby talks a little awkward, his manner is reserved.
                  Am           Em             C(1)    G/B         D/F#
       His intentions are brave but he  lo-     ses    his nerve. And if he

       G                                                Am7    G/B       C(1)
       Come around to see me he's not assertive like   he planned.

       F  C(2)      D                                 G
       I   un - derstand baby is a tentative man.

      Fmaj7(G)                           G   
      Maybe        it's time he's taking.

      Fmaj7/G                           G
      Maybe     he's been badly burned

      Fmaj7/G                                        G
      Maybe     that's the way God made him.

      Em      A7      D
      I  don't feel concerned.