Revive Us Again

Arrangement by Ashley Cleveland.
Tabs courtesy of Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
These tabs are not to be reproduced or
archived anywhere else on the Net
without permission. Thanks.

From the Reunion Records album, Lesson of Love.
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Tuning: Open D -- DADF#AD


   G/A (1)         D7             G/A (2)          D(open)
We praise  thee O  God  for the   Son      of thy love

                G/D          A
For Jesus who  died  and is now gone above.

CHORUS: Open D                              A
             Alleluia thine the glory Alleluia, Amen
        Open D                   G       C      G/B  Open D
             Alleluia thine the glory,  revive  us    again.

BRIDGE: E            G         E         G       A     Open D

        Revive us. Revive us. Revive us again.