Words and music by Ashley Cleveland.
All copyrights apply.

From the Reunion Records album, Big Town.
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This tab submitted by A-lister Tom Moellering.

Feel free to question me (Tom) on any of this (I may have typed it in wrong and/or can ask my teacher).

Likewise if anyone else makes any amends to this, please forward the corrections/hints/helps to me.

Tuning: standard, no capo

Section B (Intro:)
4 4 chord#1, 4 4 chord#2, 4 chord#3, slide to chord#4, 4 chord#5, D (i.e. 4 means: pick the open 4th string)

My teacher didn't label these as actual chords, and I have no idea what they would be if they are at all.

chord#1: xx0787 (7th fret D)
chord#2: xx0775
chord#3: xx0650
chord#4: xx0430
chord#5: xx0033
D: xx0232

Section A:

G D/F# G D/F# | D | A | A | F | G | D | D

G: 3x0033
D/F#: 2x023x
A: x0222x
F: xx3211

Section C:

Em Em D/F# G | A | Bm | E | Asus4 | A

Em: 022000
Bm: 020202 (cheat/fake chord so I don't have to barre)
E: 022100
Asus4: x0223x

Section D: (first 3 chords here are the 6-string barre-chord versions)

G F#m Fm Em Foo-pick

Foo: 0x0x(12)x (i.e. thats 12th fret on the 2nd string
pick the strings in this order: 6 2 4 4

Section E:

Dsus4 D

Dsus4: xx0233

Ordering goes something like this: (note: letters below refer to sections above, not chord names)