Holy, Holy, Holy

Words by Reginald Heber.
Music by John B. Dykes.
Arrangement by Ashley Cleveland.
Tabs courtesy of Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
These tabs are not to be reproduced or
archived anywhere else on the Net
without permission. Thanks.

From the Reunion Records album, Lesson of Love.

Open G tuning: DGDGBD.
I generally use a capo on the third or fourth fret.


       G     Bm    C9  G  A             G
       Holy  holy  ho-ly  Lord God Al-mighty

       D            Dsus D       A[2]               D   
       Early in the morn-ing our song shall rise to thee.

                      G    A           G
       Holy holy holy  merciful and mighty

       C9     Bm     Am/G G   C9        Am/G     
       God in three  per-sons blessed trinity.