Henry Doesn't Care

Words and music by Ashley Cleveland.
Tabs courtesy of Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
These tabs are not to be reproduced or
archived anywhere else on the Net
without permission. Thanks.

From the Reunion Records album, Bus Named Desire.
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Tuning: DADGBD. Ashley performs this song in F (capo third fret).


Intro: Em - D - D (hammer) - D (hammer)

Verse: D                 C/D
       Baby's got a good laugh on me
       G                                 Em   D     D (hammer)          
       He don't have to wrestle with his history.

       D                            C/D 
       He don't have to worry 'bout thinkin' too much

                G                      Em    D
       The only pressure he feels is a human touch.

        Em      D/E    G              D
Chorus: Foolish things drive me to despair.       
                      Asus    A7                   D
        Henry doesn't care.        Henry doesn't. 

        D             C       Emsus   Asus     
Bridge: Henry doesn't care.