Broken Places

By Madeline Stone and Ashley Cleveland.
Used by permission. All copyrights apply.
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From the 204 Records album, Second Skin.
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Tuning: -- DADGAD
Key: D


Intro: G - Gmaj7 - G/Dbass - G - Gmaj7 - D
G      Gmaj7   G/Dbass     G   G/Dbass     D
On the killing floor   pieces  still    remain
G            Gmaj7  G/Dbass  G       Gmaj7 D
of the fight be - fore    of the old re-frain

          Em               G/B  G         D
And after all I've learned I'll be here again.
   A                                       G
Chained to the past, chained to the fear chains on the floor, broken for years
   A                                 G                              D
Freedom is calling me and my heart races I feel it in the broken places.

  C       D       C          D   C           D    C           D 
Time may fly but I'm not to old I'm not too high I'm not too cold

  C            D         C          D             G                               A
These golden threads that I nearly sold for the nice warm bed and no place to go.