Big Town

Released February 12, 1991.
Produced by Craig Krampf and Niko Bolas.

“When a major label was releasing as many titles as Atlantic during the late ’80s and early ’90s, some decent CDs were bound to fall between the corporate cracks. In 1991, one example was Big Town, which showed the underexposed Ashley Cleveland to be a passionate, appealing rocker with soul influences. The last thing Cleveland will be accused of is having a soft, girlish voice. Rough, throaty, and hard-edged, Cleveland’s delivery brings to mind Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Tyler. But while she’s a pop/rocker first and foremost, melodic cuts such as “Love on the Main Line,” “Up from the Ether,” and “I Could Learn to Love You” give the impression that she’s also spent plenty of time listening to Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, and other African-American legends. Big Town may not contain any outright R&B or funk, but the influences of Turner and Franklin definitely assert themselves in Cleveland’s phrasing.” — Alex Henderson,

Track Listing

1. Soon and Very Soon
2. Big Town
3. Love On The Mainline
4. Willy
5. I Could Learn To Love You
6. Tentative Man
7. Angel
8. Up From The Ether
9. We Can Dance
10. I’ll Call You
11. Walk To The Well
12. Rebecca

8 Replies to “Big Town”

  1. “You send some joy my way and a little peace, and a promise that it only gets better,”… Ashley, this is one of my favorite lines from “Big Town”,and isn’t it funny how it has all gotten better along your way… since that fst Album. i’ve been a fan since 1988, i lived in
    Nashville then and frequented blue bird and especially when “women in the round would play”, i even have cassette recordings of 2 paticular evenings and cherish every bit of that music and time in my life.. throughout my own musical journey i have been able to share your music with friends as well as cover it at my own gigs. I love this website, hearing your stories and keeping up with your music. my Daughter who is 9 now is also named after you as you have been my husbands and my favorite gospel artist. My husband declined every name i suggested until i said hey “what about Ashley after “Ashley Cleveland” and i got a direct yes, LOL!! so i guess it was meant to be. you are a forever house hold name here.LOLOL!! I am really enjoying this site as your sharing of yourself is such a blessing, iam very much looking forward to your memoir. I just finished Rosanne Cash’s and it was incredible.. there is nothing like people sharing the testimonies of their life and times to help each other grow and relate. Anyway all to say You and your work are a blessing, thank you for being true to the Lord and honoring him with what he’s given you, he so uses it mightily, and Kenny too. his guitar playing is phenomenal, i also enjoyed the “KingSnakes” while in Nash. as well. 🙂 We are from the bay area, is there a chance you might be coming here anytime in 2012? the last time was Koinenia coffee house (san jose) but i think that’s gone now. might there be anywhere else here? looking forward to hearing you in the future… Sincerely Anny:)

    1. Hi Anny–I am so thrilled to have a namesake!! Another fan named their cat after but it’s not quite the same. I am in the Bay Area often as I have a daughter, a mother, a brother and a sister out there but I haven’t played anywhere since Koininea. Maybe a new venue will open up–hope so. Thank you for being with me since Big Town, for remembering the Kingsnakes and Women In The Round. This year is the Bluebird’s 30th anniversary–wow. Hope to meet Ashley one day.

  2. Hi Ashley! Do you have any copies of “Big Town”? I need one. If so, let me know where to send the money!!!

  3. Hi, I am hoping you find two copies in your stash…I have the cassette but would like a digital copy for my ipod

  4. I have only three artists on my Ipod these days- U2, Bob Dylan… and Ashley Cleveland. Really digging Before The Daylight’s Shot right now. And of course, Big Town (to stay on topic).

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